India’s Space Scientists have begun the countdown to launch its first unmanned mission to the orbiter of Mars. India is the fifth country to launch the Mars mission. The ISRO scientists are very proud as they are about to start the experiments on the Mars. The countdown has already started and the PSLV-C25  carrying the Mars orbiter will start its voyage on tomorrow morning. The launch is at Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. It is expected to reach the Red Planet after 300 days voyage on 24 September 2014.  India’s Mars Mission is named as Mangalyaan, whereas the NASA’s mission is MAVEN. The two is planning to work simultaneously. The Indian scientists deserve a wild applause, as they are courageous and determined to launch such a mission from a developing country. The orbiter is supposed to study the atmosphere of Mars. When the India government has given the approval for the project the scientists are working tirelessly only for this project. A developing country like India is proving a lot with this mission, we have the brain power and the man power, if we get opportunity, our scientists can do wonders.

But there is criticism, on spending so much money, around 450 crore for the Mars mission when a large number of people are starving and a lot are living in slums. India is achieving recognition from the world, with it the country can invite the attention of many. Each victory on Space brings world recognition and with that we can boost our poverty eradication projects. India depends mainly on agriculture and it relies on the climate predictions. With our satellites we could predict the climate and it is reliable too. The farmers are getting benefits, when they become more self reliant, they are keen to educate their kids. Education is the basis to eradicate poverty. An educated community is the wealth of the country, with that we are getting awareness about health and sanitary programs and educated girls and women are courageous to speak for themselves.

A community is on the march to success with the help of our scientists. Let us salute them.




OPCW headquarters

“We were aware that our work silently but surely was contributing to peace in the world,”this is the response of Ahmet Uzumcu, the director general of the OPCW after it was selected for the  2013 Nobel Peace Prize. It is the UN based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. 189 countries have membership in this organization. They all work hand in hand as the watchdogs against the use of chemical weapons. The headquarters is at Hague, Holland, it is in the news for the past one month, as the works of the organization at Syria is observed by the world. They are deputed to Syria to destroy the chemical weapons there. The Syrian Chemical Weapon tragedy forced the world to think of destroying the chemical weapons there, and the active involvement of the OPCW was honored with this Nobel Peace Prize.

It is the second consecutive year that the Nobel Peace Prize was won by an organization, in 2012, it was won by the European Union. OPCW was nowhere  in the news in the chances of winning the Nobel Prize, all expected the Nobel Peace Prize for Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistan educational activist. If she had won it, she would have been the youngest to win the prize.

At the time of the world possessing chemical weapons, the award points to the relevance of such an organization to destroy the destructor of the humanity. The whole world is under the threat of the chemical weapons, almost all countries claim that they have chemical weapons and it has become a threat; as any country may use it against its opponent. We may be destroying our new generation and our kids. What will be the after effect, if it falls in the hands of terrorist. The OPCW members are determinant to find out the chemical weapons are destroy it. This Nobel Peace Prize is the recognition for their works and it will boost their activities. They are observed and they are honored, they need it to go forward with their duties.

“Recent events in Syria, where chemical weapons have again been put to use, have underlined the need to enhance the efforts to do away with such weapons,” the Nobel committee in its citation observed. This award will definitely enhance their efforts to destroy the destructor.






Today is the day for our parents and grandparents. We, youths usually do not admire or respect their services, love and care. Do we need such a day to remember our parents, grandparents and our dear ones? We are parents and we have parents, each day goes on as usual, who has the time to remember old people? or who are worried about their needs? All are busy with their own problems and jobs. We have aged people in our homes. We give them food, clothes and medicines regularly. They are looked after, all their needs are fulfilled. But, still we need another day to remember our aged parents. It seems quite ironical? 

On this day for the older people, let us remember all the aged people. They have worked hard for us, to give us proper food, clothes, shelter and education. They have renounced all they had for bringing up us. They were with us, caring us, when we fell ill. We have nothing to give back to them for their love, care and protection. When we became self reliant, we flew away from them. We have love and respect to our parents and grandparents, but our excuse is ‘ we don’t have time’.

We don’t have time to be with them, to talk with them, to spend  a little time with them. Really, they are expecting that. They don’t want any luxury, they need us, their children, to embrace once more. We should express our respect and love, for that,we should find time to be with them. Before going to office, we can meet and ask,” mother or father how are you? I am going, do you need anything special?” Just embrace them, and they need only that. They won’t demand us anything, just one or two minutes!! We can dine with our parents once in a week, share our problems, listen their advises and experiences. We should care them, and we can create a feeling in them that, they are loved and not unwanted. 

Our little kids have a lot to learn from them. They are the encyclopedias of experiences, they may share their life as stories and each story will definitely has a moral; and that gives our kids the confidence and guidance.

A number of aged people are suffering because of loneliness and diseases. Let us remember them on this day and respect and value their services.




For the past two days, we are hearing the terrific news of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Syrian rebels claim that, the Syria government led by Bashar al- Assad used the chemical weapons against them to suppress their movements against the authority. Around 1,300 people were reportedly killed. The government accuses the rebels.

The death toll is rising, the real sufferers are women and children. It is really pathetic to see the photos of the dead children,what they  have done, what is the mistakes they have committed? Nothing! they are the innocent victims, they are the little angels who were deprived of their right to live.

The world and the UN have the awareness that Syria possesses chemical weapons and they all feared that they may use it or the rebels may use it. We don’t know, who have used it, we don’t want to know it. The only thing, we know is the innocent faces of the children and poor women. The developed countries and the UN proved their inability to react spontaneously, they are studying the possibilities of who have done this and what is the chemical used and they are scrutinizing the incident. Whatever be the intention, it proved man’s inefficiency, intolerance and greed for acquiring more; while claiming that we are a developed  high-tech world with intelligent citizens.

On 1988, the late ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, used chemical weapons against the Kurdish. We know the cruelty of it, but, we were not able to ban the use of deadly weapons. Most of the countries boast of having nuclear power; it is like a threat to the man kind. Anything can happen at any time. Who is safe, who is calm and who is stress free? We don’t have an answer. Each country desires to show off its power,while they claim at the same time of being the one world because of the high tech facilities.

Let us pray for the poor victims of Syria and it is the time to re-think about possessing nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. Each one has the right to live comfortably, let our kids have the freedom to enjoy the high-tech world as it is.  





Yesterday, 20 August was World Mosquito Day. It is on August 20, 1897, that the British doctor, Sir Ronald Ross made the historic link that the female mosquitoes spread malaria.

Mosquito is one of the challenges that the modern world has to face. Is there anybody who hasn’t experienced a mosquito bite? There may be nobody; it is all there to disturb you as a nuisance and as a threat. Earlier, mosquito bites were ignored simply, but when it was discovered that, they are the transmitters of many deadly diseases, it became a threat. They are the carriers of all the killer viruses of malaria, dengue fever and chicken guinea. Each one is spread by the distinct variety. Some are found in fresh water and some are found in everywhere. Pleasant and sunny climate is good for its breeding. The eggs may remain in the soil or blocked water for long and when it becomes sunny it will turn out as mosquitoes to bite us.

We may be trying every method to keep away the nuisance, mainly because of our fear of these diseases. We have to protect our young kids from the mosquito bites. Some are trying creams, some are closing each hole, window and ventilator and doors  with nets to stop the mosquitoes from entering into our homes. But when we go to the bus stop or railway station or when we want to travel late in the evening, there is the mosquito with its stinging needle. Hygiene, both personal and public, is the only technique to escape from the mosquitoes. It should start from each one of us. We should keep our rooms, houses and the surrounding areas clean. Water should be drained away, bushes should be removed and the waste should be managed properly. The government should conduct awareness programs and the organizations should take initiatives to clean up the slums. It is the only way to rescue the world from the deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. We can do it, we must do it, it is the responsibility of each citizen to keep the surrounding clean and clear.



India's Independence Day


Tomorrow, on 15 August India celebrates its Independence Day. It is India’s 66th year of celebrating its independence from the British rule. It is a national holiday with parades, flag hoisting and so many cultural programs. Each state celebrates the independence day gorgeously. This year also the country is ready to celebrate its independence day on tomorrow. 

India attained many achievements and golden feathers in its crown after the independence. It is the renowned democratic state that values the opinion of each citizen; it strives for the well-being of its citizen. India’s unity in diversity is the one that the world gets wondered. India is a country with 29 states, ( the 29th one is recently proclaimed Telengana, the part of Andhra Pradesh), with people speaking different languages, each state has its own cultural, political, economical and environmental diversity. There are so many caste and creed and each celebrates their festivals at different times. Along with the harvest festivals, it becomes  a land of festivals and entertainments. On each celebration, the unity of the people is seen and respected. India is famous for its scenic diversity, a tourist can witness so many beautiful places like, mountains, rivers, seas, water falls and enthusiastic fields. Tourists can taste many palatable dishes, each one differs from the other. 

But this democracy is misused by corrupted politicians. Though, it boasts on so many amenities and developments, the slums and people living there is suffering a lot, because of poverty, illiteracy and poor sanitation. Women and young girls are not safe to travel alone. Child abuses are growing and the number of missing children are increasing each year. The over crowded cities are facing the challenges of proper wast management. The difference between the haves and the have-nots are widening and this create discomforts and that lead to social issues.

India has a  long way to go for becoming  a  well developed country. India has the privilege of man power; but they need support and better facility from the government and authority. Politics should be kept away and all should work harmoniously for the India dreamed  by the great freedom fighters. LET US HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. 



International Youth Day


Today, 12 August is the International youth day. United Nations has designated International youth day to draw attention towards the youth; their responsibilities, their likes and dislikes and their problems and challenges. It was first observed on 2000. As per UN standards, people in the age group of 15 to 24 are considered as youths. Some are in the teens and some are about to be matured.

This is a challenging  period in the life of each individual. They have to take decision on their studies and career;and they are experiencing physical, emotional and intellectual changed during this period. They need the support, consolation and assistance of their parents and loved ones. They may be adamant and arrogant, they may be adventurous and self – centered; all these because of their age. They need support, care and love. They need a silent listener, who can pacify them, a calm support to soothe them and a caring hand to embrace them. If so, they will become confident, courageous and self reliant. They may come to their parents, when they are in trouble. If not, they may find relaxation in drugs and alcohol and they may be ruining their entire life. It is the age, that prompt to do whatever they like, it is the age that tempt them to commit mistakes, if they are directed properly or guided intellectually, they will become assets to the family and society. We have to bring our new generation like that, they are the builders of our new society and new world. They should be courageous, loving and virtuous. If they complete their mid teens , or the early youth period with confidence, they will be successful.

This year’s International Youth Day focuses on the migrations of youths. Youths are migrating in search of better luck, better jobs and better life. Because of this, their native lands may have to face brain drain. In the migrated countries, they may have to face many challenges. These youths are using their brain and energy for the migrant countries, so they should be given proper care and protection. They should be respected and rewarded. Our youths are our treasure, wish them a bright and prosperous future on this International Youth Day.



BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT : CLOSE TO MOTHERS. This the theme of World Breast Feeding Week in 2013, and we are going through that period now. It is an annual celebration held, during the first week of August. It was formed in 1991 to promote, protect and support breast feeding. It has been organized by WHO,WBW, and UNICEF and it aims to promote exclusive breast feeding for six months. It is intended to aware the mothers about the nutrient benefits of breast feeding, how it resists the deadly diseases like pneumonia and how it helps to build an emotional attachment between the mother and child. 

UNICEF celebrates World Breastfeeding Week on 120 countries, baby friendly hospitals are established to promote breast feeding. Mothers are taught, the necessity of breast feeding and they are taught how to hold the baby while breast feeding and how many times they should feed the baby a day, what they should eat to produce healthy and enough milk.

Most of the mothers are willing to breastfeed; while breastfeeding, a loving bond is formed between the mother and baby. Mother should hold her baby in the arm, resting the child’s head on the arm. Hold the baby very close to the chest and stomach of the mother and feed the baby sitting straight in that posture. The child may look into the eyes of the mother, resting his/ her little hand on the breast of its mother. While feeding look into the eyes of the baby, hold the little hand and give a kiss; he is slowly, getting that, it is the person, who loves him, protects him and cares him. He/ she may soon start to recognize its mother, start to babble. The child is growing fast with the support and milk of its mother. While giving milk, the child is experiencing the warmth of mother’s love and care. While feeding for six months, he/ she may get the nutrient factors that are essential for its all round growth. The mother can introduce little amount of cereals during this period along with the mother’s milk. It is good to breastfeed the baby when he/ she gets two years old. The loving bond will always be there.

It is not easy for working mothers to feed the baby for six months and feed her child holding in the arms. She may be compelled to go for the work entrusting the child with any care taker. Mothers should be given six months maternity leave for breastfeeding the baby. When, it is not possible, nurseries can be build in offices and they can feed their baby whenever they want. Breast feeding mothers usually need support from partners, in-laws and from friends and peers; for they are bringing up our new generation.





“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”These are the words of Neil Armstrong, the first man on Lunar. On July 21st 1969, man entered into the surface of Earth’s wonderful satellite, the Moon for the first time. The three men behind this historic expedition were Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin Jr and Michael Collins. The first two touched the surface of the Moon, Collins stayed back in the orbit of Moon to control their space ship Columbia.

Hundreds of years, Moon remained as a fascinating big and round thing on the sky. Each month, men watched the growth of it from a small piece to a big round one which gives light during the night. Then it diminishes and fades away for a short span of time. Men might have observed the changes that occurred on Earth during these Full Moon and New Moon days. Some might have worshipped it as God; some have assumed different shapes present in moon. Mothers used to show children the moon while feeding them, or to entertain them. Similarly, it remained as a wonder for many years. Later, scientists made studies on this wonderful round shaped thing on the sky which gave light, and it was discovered that, it  is the satellite of Earth, that stays in between Earth and Sun. It receives lights from the Sun and shines, but not hot like the Sun.

Scientists began to study more on astronomy. After Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik I on 1957, there occurred a competition to explore more on space and Moon. The United States, surprised the world with its Apollo 11 mission, which landed man in the moon. On July 16, 1969, the Saturn V rocket launched Apollo 11 into the sky from the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. After one and a half orbit around the Earth, they started their journey towards the Moon. On July 19, they entered the orbit of Moon. On 21 July, Armstrong and Aldrin made their historic land. After spending 21 hours and 35 minutes on Moon’s surface, they returned with 46 pounds of Moon rocks. They had seen our beautiful and bright Earth from the surface of Moon. Remember the heroes once again as their steps were giant leaps for astronomy ,for astronauts and for the world.





Happy Doctors Day

Doctors day is the special day for recognizing the contributions of doctors and to thank them for their service. It is the profession that holds the signature of God; doctors are respected for the Power that gives life or that rescues the sick. People show their love and respect to the doctors by giving flowers and greeting cards on this special day.

Doctors day is celebrated on different dates in many countries; In America it falls on 30th March. In India it is on 1st July. It is the birth date of  the legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chadra Roy.

On this day, contributions and services of our doctors are remembered and our gratitude also  is shown. They are so important to our lives and their services are invaluable. With their affection, knowledge, service, and love they are there to support and console the sick. During the tiring schedule, they are seemed energetic always with fresh attitude and soothing face.

But, now it is pathetic to say that, many of doctors consider their profession only as a money earning one. From morning to-night, they work hard , it is true, but some are demanding huge amounts as consulting fees. Many are interested only in private practices. They earn a huge amount from commissions from pharmacies and labs also. Many try to earn the money they have spent for their studies with their practices. They have the right to do it, but money earning should not be their only criteria. They should avoid strikes when they are most needed, at the time of emergencies.

It is the profession for service, it should be like that. While paying tributes to our doctors, my experiences are with homeopathic doctors, who have completely cured my child’s vascular headache and my allergic  asthma. Both of us do not take medicines now. It is a course that takes too much time, but complete cure with no side effects.

Thanks to all Doctors, who take their profession as a service, to love and cure the sick with their godly bliss.