Top 7 Best Coffee Grinders of 2024 in USA

Krups Fast-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder

In the post titled “Top 7 Coffee Grinders: A Comprehensive Review,” the author provides an in-depth analysis of the best coffee grinders available in the market. The post aims to assist coffee enthusiasts in making an informed decision by highlighting the key features, pros, and cons of each grinder. With a focus on quality, performance, and user experience, this comprehensive review serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking the perfect coffee grinder for their brewing needs.

Krups Fast-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder
✯ Conclusion: Versatile and reliable ✯
Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Blade Coffee Grinder
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder
Affordable and efficient
Wancle Electric Coffee Grinder
Final Verdict: Decent Option
OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder

1. Krups Fast-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder


Conclusion: Versatile and reliable

The Krups Fast-Touch Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder is a versatile and powerful grinder that can handle a variety of tasks with ease. With its sleek design, easy cleaning, and quiet operation, it offers a hassle-free and enjoyable user experience. However, customers in rural areas may experience longer delivery times, and the blade grinder may not provide as consistent of a grind as a burr grinder.


  • Multifunctional – can grind coffee beans, spices, dry herbs, and nuts with one touch operation
  • Powerful performance – ensures uniform coffee grounds and finely ground spices for optimal flavor infusion
  • Easy to clean and maintain – the substantially sized container is simple to clean, providing a hassle-free experience
  • Sleek and modern design – adds refinement to the kitchen countertop without taking up too much space
  • Durable – made with the quality and longevity associated with the Krups brand
  • Quiet operation – significantly quieter than other grinders, providing a more pleasant user experience
  • Safety features – includes overheating protection to prevent damage to the grinder


  • Delivery issues for rural areas, may result in longer wait times for product delivery
  • Grinder is a blade grinder, which may not provide as consistent of a grind as a burr grinder

The Krups Fast-Touch Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that offers powerful and consistent grinding performance. With its compact design and durable stainless steel construction, it is an essential tool for any kitchen. The one-touch operation allows for easy grinding of coffee beans, spices, herbs, and nuts, making it a convenient and time-saving option for busy mornings or complex recipes. The grinder’s powerful motor ensures uniform grounds for a flavorful cup of coffee, while its sleek silver finish adds a touch of refinement to any countertop. With its durability and ease of use, this grinder is a reliable and long-term investment for coffee enthusiasts and home cooks alike.

Versatile Grinding Options

  • Stainless steel blades
  • One-touch operation
  • 200 Watts power
  • Versatile – can grind coffee, espresso, French press, spices, dry herbs, and nuts
  • Large 12-cup capacity
  • Sleek silver design

2. Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Blade Coffee Grinder



The Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Grinder1 is a reliable and easy-to-use grinder with a large grinding capacity and a modern black design. It operates quietly and delivers consistent performance. However, it has a small capacity and may not be ideal for those who need to grind larger quantities of coffee. Additionally, some users have reported that grounds stick to the lid due to an electrostatic charge.

Positive Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to use


  • Grounds stick to the lid due to electrostatic charge
  • Small capacity, may not be suitable for larger quantities of coffee

The Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Grinder is a reliable and easy-to-use blade grinder that brings out the freshest flavor from whole beans. With a capacity of up to 70g/2.5oz, it can easily grind enough coffee beans to make 12 cups of fresh coffee. Its modern black design seamlessly blends with your appliances, and its heavy-duty motor ensures efficient and consistent grinding. Customers have praised this grinder for its quiet operation and reliability, making it a great choice for coffee enthusiasts who value convenience and quality.

Product Features

  • Large grinding capacity of up to 70g/2.5oz
  • Modern black design
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Can make up to 12 cups of coffee at once

3. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder


Affordable and efficient

The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder is a compact and powerful appliance that is very easy to use and clean. It can grind a large portion at once, making up to 12 cups of coffee, and offers quick and efficient grinding. However, some users find the design to be awkward and top heavy, and the short cord length may require the use of an extension. Overall, it is an affordable option with great features for coffee enthusiasts.

Efficient Grinding Performance

  • Compact and powerful
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Can grind a large portion at once
  • Affordable price
  • Quick and efficient grinding


  • Awkward and top heavy design
  • Short cord length makes it difficult to use without an extension

The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder is a versatile and efficient appliance that ensures precision coffee grinding for the perfect texture every time. With well-defined fineness settings and clear cup markings, you can easily achieve the desired results. The removable stainless steel grinding chamber allows for easy cleanup in the dishwasher, making it convenient to maintain. It has a large capacity, allowing you to grind enough coffee beans for up to 12 cups. Despite some feedback about the noise level and the short cord, this coffee grinder offers great value for its price point.

Efficient Grinding Performance

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Can make up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Dishwasher safe grinding bowl

4. Wancle Electric Coffee Grinder


Final Verdict: Decent Option

The Coffee Grinder by Wancle is an affordable and compact option for grinding coffee beans and spices. It offers versatile grinding options and is easy to use. However, it has a limited capacity and some users found it to be noisy.

Enhanced Coffee Experience

  • Affordable price
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Versatile grinding options


  • Limited capacity
  • Some users found it to be noisy

The Coffee Grinder, Wancle Electric Coffee Grinder, is a great addition to any kitchen or coffee bar. With its pure copper motor and stainless steel blade, it effortlessly grinds beans to your preferred coarseness, allowing you to extract the perfect flavor from your coffee. Its transparent lid allows you to easily observe the grinding situation, and with just one touch, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee in seconds. Not only is it effective and fast, but it is also easy to clean, making it a convenient and valuable product for any coffee lover.

Efficient and Versatile Grinding

  • Pure copper motor
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Transparent lid
  • Grinds coffee beans quickly
  • Can grind beans to desired coarse or fine texture
  • Easy to use with one-touch operation

5. OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder


Excellent value

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder in Silver offers high quality, consistent grinding with its stainless steel conical burrs and 15 grind size settings. It has a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, low noise level, and efficient bean feeding. However, some drawbacks include the possibility of the grounds container vibrating out during grinding and the inability to remove the bottom burr for thorough cleaning. Overall, it is an excellent coffee grinder for its price and customizable grind settings.

Enhanced Grinding Performance

  • High quality, consistent grind
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient bean feeding
  • Aesthetically pleasing and compact design
  • Low noise level
  • Excellent price for the quality
  • Precise and customizable grind settings


  • Drawbacks:
  • The grounds container may vibrate out during grinding
  • The bottom burr cannot be removed for thorough cleaning

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder in Silver is designed to help coffee beans unlock their full potential. With 15 grind size settings, from fine for espresso to coarse for French press and cold brew, this grinder allows for customization to suit individual preferences. The stainless steel conical burrs ensure uniform grounds for optimal flavor, while the one-touch start feature remembers the last setting, making it convenient and easy to use. The grinder can hold up to ¾ lb (12 oz) of coffee beans in a UV-blocking hopper to keep the coffee tasting fresh. Overall, this grinder offers precision, efficiency, and a sleek design that would complement any kitchen countertop.

Enhance Your Coffee Experience

  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • 15 grind size settings (plus additional microsettings)
  • One-touch start
  • Optimal flavor and uniform grounds

6. CUISINART Electric Burr Coffee Grinder – DBM-8P1


Conclusion: Durable and Affordable

The CUISINART Coffee Grinder, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder with 18-Position Grind Selector, Stainless Steel, DBM-8P1, is a durable and affordable grinder that offers easy adjustment of grind settings, large capacity, and consistent grind quality. However, it does have a loud operation and a plastic grind bin with static cling.

Efficient Grinding Performance

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable price compared to similar grinders
  • Easy to adjust grind settings
  • Large capacity for both beans and grinds
  • Consistent and even grind quality

Negative Features

  • Loud operation
  • Plastic grind bin with static cling

The CUISINART Coffee Grinder, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder with 18-Position Grind Selector, Stainless Steel (DBM-8P1) is a high-quality coffee grinder that allows you to enjoy optimum flavor in your coffee. With its 18-position grind selector, you can easily adjust the grind from ultra-fine to extra-coarse, ensuring that your coffee grounds are exactly the way you prefer. The automatic stop feature guarantees that your beans are consistently ground to the right grade, maximizing the oils, aromas, and flavors for a better cup of coffee. The grinder can grind enough coffee to make 4-18 cups, and any remaining grounds can be stored in the chamber. Made of elegant brushed stainless steel, this Cuisinart burr mill is not only durable but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Powerful Grinding Performance for Perfect Coffee

  • Burr grinding
  • 18-position grind selector
  • Stainless steel construction
  • One-touch automatic operation

7. SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Bowl


Efficient and effective

The SHARDOR Adjustable Coffee Grinder Electric is a compact and portable coffee grinder that offers convenient features such as adjustable grinding precision and a removable cup for easy cleaning. While it may have inconsistent quality and lacks a burr grinder, it still provides efficient and effective coffee grinding with a quiet operation.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Quiet operation
  • Removable cup for easy cleaning
  • Convenient grind coarseness setting
  • Efficient and effective coffee grinding


  • Drawbacks:
  • Inconsistent quality/ease of seating the bowl
  • Not a burr grinder

The SHARDOR Adjustable Coffee Grinder Electric is a versatile and efficient coffee grinder that offers adjustable grinding precision. With seconds marks above the timing knob, users can easily choose the desired coarseness of their coffee grounds. The grinder features a removable grinding cup that can grind up to 2.5oz of coffee beans, making it perfect for up to 10 cups of coffee. It is compact, quiet, and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for home use or for taking along in a camper.

Key Features

  • Adjustable grinding precision
  • Removable grinding cup
  • Electric operation
  • Stainless steel bowl

Comparing Coffee Grinder Options

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Coffee Grinders

  • Ensure that the coffee grinder is clean and free from any leftover coffee grounds or debris. This can be done by removing any removable parts and washing them with warm soapy water
  • Measure the desired amount of coffee beans depending on the strength and quantity of coffee desired
  • Adjust the grind settings on the coffee grinder according to the brewing method being used. For example, a coarser grind is suitable for a French press, while a finer grind is better for espresso
  • Place the measured coffee beans into the grinder and secure the lid tightly
  • Start the grinder and allow it to run until the desired consistency is achieved. It is recommended to pulse the grinder in short bursts to avoid overheating the beans
  • Once the coffee has been ground to the desired consistency, remove the lid and carefully transfer the grounds into a coffee filter or container
  • Clean the coffee grinder after each use to prevent the build-up of oils and residue, which can affect the flavor of future batches

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Grinder

  • Grinding Settings and Consistency: When buying a coffee grinder, it is important to consider the grinding settings and the consistency of the grind it produces. Look for a grinder that offers a variety of grind settings, ranging from coarse to fine, to accommodate different brewing methods. Additionally, ensure that the grinder delivers a consistent grind size, as inconsistent grounds can negatively affect the flavor and extraction of your coffee
  • Burr vs Blade Grinders: Another important factor to consider is the type of grinder mechanism. Burr grinders, which use two abrasive surfaces to crush the coffee beans, are generally preferred over blade grinders. Burr grinders offer a more uniform grind size and allow for more control over the grind. On the other hand, blade grinders, which use spinning blades, tend to produce an uneven grind and can generate heat that may affect the coffee flavor. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a burr grinder for better coffee quality
  • Durability and Build Quality: Coffee grinders can be a long-term investment, so it is crucial to choose one that is built to last. Look for grinders made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or ceramic, that can withstand regular use without losing their performance. Additionally, pay attention to the overall build quality, including the grinder’s stability, ease of cleaning, and any warranty or customer support offered by the manufacturer. A well-constructed grinder will not only provide consistent grinding results but also ensure its longevity

Pricing Options for Coffee Grinders

  • Entry-level coffee grinder: $20-$50. These grinders are typically compact and have basic features. They are suitable for occasional coffee drinkers or those on a tight budget
  • Mid-range coffee grinder: $50-$150. These grinders offer more advanced features such as adjustable grind settings and larger capacity. They provide a good balance between price and performance for regular coffee consumers
  • High-end coffee grinder: $150-$500. These grinders are designed for coffee enthusiasts who prioritize precision and consistency in their grind. They often have high-quality burrs and offer various customization options for different brewing methods
  • Commercial-grade coffee grinder: $500 and above. These grinders are heavy-duty and built to withstand continuous use in coffee shops or other commercial settings. They usually have powerful motors and large hopper capacities

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