6 Best Electric Hand Mixers of 2024 available in American Market

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Accessories and Storage Case

In this post, the top 6 electric hand mixers of 2024 will be explored. With the ever-increasing popularity of baking and cooking at home, having a reliable and efficient hand mixer is essential. This comprehensive list will provide an overview of the best options available in the market, taking into consideration their features, performance, and customer reviews. Whether you’re a professional chef or a novice baker, this guide aims to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the perfect electric hand mixer for your culinary needs.

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Accessories and Storage Case
✯ Versatile and Durable ✯
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KitchenAid Hand Mixer - KHM512, Ice Blue
Conclusion: Reliable and compact
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Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Whisk and Storage Case
Highly recommended
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MHCC 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
Conclusion: Missing dough hooks
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1. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Accessories and Storage Case



Versatile and Durable

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Dough Hooks and Easy Clean Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White offers versatile mixing capabilities with its 6-speed options and includes additional attachments for added convenience. While the snap-on storage case is a great feature for easy storage, some users may find that the easy clean beaters are not as easy to clean as expected and the storage container may not be large enough for all the attachments. Overall, it is a durable and long-lasting product with multiple mixer attachments.

Efficient and Convenient

  • Multiple mixer attachments included
  • Easy storage with snap-on storage case
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The easy clean beaters are not as easy to clean as expected
  • The storage container may not be large enough for all the attachments

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a versatile and reliable kitchen tool that comes with a variety of attachments to suit different cooking and baking needs. The mixer features Easy Clean beaters that are designed to reduce clogging, ensuring smooth and efficient mixing performance. The snap-on storage case provides a convenient solution for keeping all the attachments organized and easily accessible. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, this hand mixer is a great addition to any kitchen.

Convenient and Versatile Mixing Solution

  • 6-Speed options for versatile mixing capabilities
  • Includes whisk and dough hooks for added convenience
  • Easy clean beaters for efficient mixing performance
  • Snap-on storage case to prevent lost beaters

2. KitchenAid Hand Mixer – KHM512, Ice Blue



Conclusion: Reliable and compact

The KitchenAid 5 Ultra Power Speed Hand Mixer in Ice Blue is a reliable and durable product with great speed control. While it may not have as many speeds as other models and may not feel as powerful as older mixers, it is still a perfect size for small kitchens and is easy to clean.


  • Beautiful color
  • Perfect size for small kitchens
  • Sturdy and easy to clean
  • Great speed control
  • Reliable and durable product


  • The mixer doesn’t have as many speeds as some other models
  • It may not feel as powerful compared to older mixers

The KitchenAid 5 Ultra Power Speed Hand Mixer in Ice Blue is a compact and lightweight kitchen tool that is perfect for everyday mixing needs. With 5 speeds and 2 Turbo Beater Accessories, this hand mixer offers the power and control to easily mix cookie dough, mashed potatoes, and more. The mixer is designed to slowly stir in chunky ingredients at speed one, while speed five is ideal for whipping egg whites or heavy cream. Customers have praised the mixer for its beautiful color, sturdy yet lightweight design, and the perfect speed changes that provide the right power for different settings. The mixer is also easy to clean and is a space-saving option for small kitchens.

Powerful and Versatile Hand Mixer

  • 5-speed options
  • Ultra-powerful
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use

3. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Whisk and Storage Case



Efficient and affordable

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk offers easy organization and efficient mixing with its snap-on storage case and traditional beaters. While the storage case can be a bit bulky and challenging to remove, the mixer is reasonably priced and provides smooth mixing with its strong motor.

Convenient Kitchen Tool

  • Easy to clean and store
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smooth mixing
  • Comes with storage for cord and attachments
  • Comfortable and balanced in hand
  • Strong motor


  • The snap-on storage case is large and takes up too much space
  • It can be difficult to snap off the storage case due to its strong grip

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a versatile and reliable appliance for all your mixing needs. With 250W of peak power, it can handle everything from whipping up an airy meringue to creating a decadent cake batter. The mixer features six speeds, including a quick burst function for added power at any speed. It comes with traditional beaters and a whisk attachment, allowing you to tackle a variety of recipes. The mixer also includes a convenient snap-on storage case, keeping all the attachments together and reducing kitchen clutter. With its comfortable grip and durable construction, this mixer is a great addition to any kitchen.

Versatile and Convenient Mixing Solution

  • Snap-on storage case for easy organization and to prevent lost beaters
  • 6 different speed options for versatile mixing
  • QuickBurst button for an extra burst of power
  • Includes traditional beaters for efficient mixing

4. BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer MX3200B



Highly recommended

The BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, MX3200B is a versatile and well-made product that quickly mixes cake batter to a fluffy consistency. It comes with multiple attachments for various tasks and includes a compact storage case for easy organization. The only drawbacks are that it can be loud during operation and switching attachments may require some trial and error.

Efficient and Versatile

  • Mixes cake batter quickly and makes it fluffy
  • Comes with multiple attachments for versatile use
  • Well-made and powerful motor
  • Compact storage case for easy organization


  • Can be loud during operation
  • Switching attachments may require some trial and error

The BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, MX3200B is a versatile and powerful kitchen tool. With its five dishwasher-safe attachments, it can handle any mixing task, from stirring to kneading dough. The 250-watt motor ensures quick and efficient mixing, while the adjustable speeds allow for precise control. The included storage case keeps everything organized and within reach. Made of durable plastic, this hand mixer is built to last. Overall, it offers great value for money and comes highly recommended by satisfied customers.

Powerful and Versatile Mixing

  • 6-speed settings for versatile mixing options
  • Comes with 5 attachments for various tasks
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Includes a storage case for organized and convenient storage

5. OVENTE Portable Hand Mixer with Attachments & Storage Case



Efficient and versatile

The OVENTE Portable 5 Speed Mixing Electric Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Whisk Beater Attachments & Snap Storage Case, Compact Lightweight 150 Watt Powerful Blender is a versatile and efficient mixer with a sturdy and compact design. It offers adjustable mixing speeds and a convenient snap storage case, although some users may find the slow speed option to be limited and requiring caution when using.

Convenient and Versatile

  • Sturdy and compact design for easy storage
  • Versatile and efficient in mixing cake batter and mashed potatoes
  • Convenient snap storage case for keeping all attachments organized
  • Sleek and user-friendly design with adjustable mixing speeds


  • Limited slow speed option
  • Requires caution when using due to lack of slow speed option

The OVENTE Portable 5-Speed Mixing Electric Hand Mixer is a must-have for any kitchen. With its superior quality and affordable price, this hand mixer offers exceptional performance for all your baking and cooking needs. Its 5 adjustable speeds allow you to achieve the perfect texture and consistency for any recipe. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and precise control, while the lightweight construction ensures that using the mixer is never a chore. The powerful 150-Watt motor effortlessly mixes a variety of ingredients together, and the easy-to-clean beaters and snap-on storage case make it convenient to use and store. Customers have praised its functionality, compactness, and user-friendly design, making it a great value for the money. Whether you’re whipping up fluffy whipped cream or creamy mashed potatoes, this hand mixer is a dreamy kitchen tool that will enhance your culinary creations.

Convenient and Versatile Kitchen Tool

  • 5 adjustable mixing speeds
  • Ergonomically designed shape
  • Stainless steel whisk beater attachments
  • Snap storage case
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powerful 150 Watt motor

6. MHCC 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer



Conclusion: Missing dough hooks

The MHCC 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case, Whisk Beaters, 250-Watt-Black is a powerful and quiet hand mixer with a lightweight housing and comfortable grip, allowing for precise speed control. However, it is important to note that some customers have reported that the dough hooks were missing from the box.

Advantages of MHCC Hand Mixer

  • Powerful and quiet all-pure copper motor
  • Lightweight housing with soft-touch handle
  • 5 Speeds and turbo function for precise speed control
  • Comfortable and secure grip while mixing


  • Missing dough hooks in the box
  • No further drawbacks mentioned in the reviews

The MHCC 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a powerful and lightweight kitchen tool that is perfect for baking cakes and pies. With its all-pure copper motor, it delivers excellent performance while remaining quiet. The mixer features precise 5 speed settings, allowing for well-defined speed control for any recipe. Additionally, it comes with a convenient snap-on storage case that holds the whisk beaters and other mixing equipment. The compact design and comfortable grip make it easy to use and handle. It is a well-made product that is both efficient and convenient for all your baking needs.

Powerful and Versatile Mixing Performance

  • Powerful and quiet all-pure copper motor
  • Lightweight housing with soft-touch handle
  • 5 Speeds and turbo function for precise speed control
  • Comfortable and secure grip while mixing

Comparing Hand Mixer Options

Pricing Details for the Electric Hand Mixer

  • Budget Range ($10 – $30): This range includes basic electric hand mixers that are suitable for occasional use or for those on a tight budget. They usually have lower power and fewer speed settings but can still handle basic mixing tasks
  • Mid-Range ($30 – $50): In this range, you will find electric hand mixers with more power and additional features such as multiple speed settings, turbo boost function, and attachments like dough hooks or whisk attachments. These mixers are suitable for regular use and offer more versatility in the kitchen
  • High-End ($50 and above): High-end electric hand mixers are equipped with powerful motors and advanced features. They often come with a wide range of speed settings, LCD screens, ergonomic designs, and additional attachments for various mixing tasks. These mixers are ideal for professional bakers or those who frequently use a hand mixer for complex recipes. They offer superior performance and durability
  • Note: Prices may vary depending on the brand, model, and additional features of the electric hand mixer

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Electric Hand Mixer

  • Plug in the electric hand mixer to a power outlet
  • Attach the appropriate attachment (usually a set of beaters) onto the mixer
  • Place the ingredients to be mixed in a bowl, ensuring that the bowl is deep enough to prevent splattering
  • Turn on the mixer using the desired speed option. Start with a low speed and gradually increase it as needed
  • Slowly move the beaters around the bowl, ensuring that they are fully submerged in the ingredients
  • Continue mixing until the desired consistency is achieved, making sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl periodically
  • Once finished, turn off the mixer and unplug it from the power outlet
  • Carefully remove the attachment from the mixer and clean it properly
  • Clean the mixer and any other parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Hand Mixer

  • Power and Speed Settings: An electric hand mixer’s power and speed determine its performance capabilities. Look for a model with a motor that offers sufficient power, usually measured in watts. Additionally, check if the mixer has multiple speed settings to provide versatility in handling different mixing tasks, such as beating eggs or kneading dough
  • Attachments and Accessories: Consider the attachments and accessories that come with the electric hand mixer. Look for models that include beaters, dough hooks, and whisks. These attachments provide flexibility and enable you to tackle various recipes effortlessly. It’s also worth checking if the attachments are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomics and Design: The ergonomics and design of an electric hand mixer can significantly impact your comfort and ease of use. Look for a mixer with a comfortable grip handle that allows you to hold it securely for extended periods without fatigue. Additionally, consider the weight and size of the mixer, ensuring that it is lightweight and compact enough to maneuver effortlessly

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Hand Mixers

How does an electric hand mixer work?

An electric hand mixer operates by utilizing an electric motor that drives the rotating beaters. When the mixer is turned on, the electrical current from the power source is directed to the motor, which converts it into mechanical energy. This energy is used to rotate the beaters at high speeds.

The beaters consist of two metal or plastic blades attached to a central rod. As they spin, they create a whipping or mixing motion. The mixture or ingredients placed in a bowl are effectively beaten, mixed, or whipped by the rotating blades.

The speed of the hand mixer can typically be adjusted using a control dial or switch, allowing the user to regulate the intensity of mixing required for different recipes. Additionally, modern hand mixers often come with attachments such as dough hooks or whisks, further expanding their functionality for various culinary tasks.

Overall, the electric hand mixer simplifies the process of mixing, beating, or whipping ingredients, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.

Are electric hand mixers easy to clean and maintain?

Electric hand mixers are generally easy to clean and maintain. Most models are designed with detachable beaters and mixing bowls, making it convenient to clean them separately. The beaters can typically be removed with ease, allowing for thorough cleaning. Additionally, many electric hand mixers have dishwasher-safe parts, which further simplifies the cleaning process. Maintenance usually involves wiping the body of the mixer with a damp cloth and ensuring that the motor and electrical components remain dry. Overall, electric hand mixers are built to be user-friendly when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Can an electric hand mixer be used to whip cream or egg whites?

Yes, an electric hand mixer can be used to whip cream or egg whites. It is a versatile kitchen appliance that is specifically designed for mixing and beating ingredients. When equipped with appropriate attachments such as a whisk attachment, an electric hand mixer can effectively whip cream or egg whites to desired consistencies. It provides convenience and efficiency, making it a popular choice for home cooks and bakers.

Are there different speed settings available on electric hand mixers?

Yes, there are typically multiple speed settings available on electric hand mixers. These speed settings allow users to adjust the speed of the mixer according to their specific needs. The number of speed settings can vary depending on the brand and model of the hand mixer, but it is common to find mixers with at least three to five different speed options. These settings can range from low speeds suitable for gentle stirring and folding ingredients to higher speeds for whisking and beating at a faster pace.

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